Extra pounds: instructions for use

How many times did you look at a dessert dreaming of eating every last crumb of it and, at the same time, feeling guilty just for having that idea?

This happened to me a million times.

Oddly enough, when I was young I did not eat a lot, I was constantly underweight and my doctor forced me to eat, everytime that he saw me, offering me a lot of candies. Every child envied me because I could eat everything and no one would have said no to me, but this because there was no need to do it. I didn’t want to eat at all, neither candies.
To improve everything, or deteriorate it, my parents got divorced and I started eating with no limitation.

Well, maybe you eat because of stress, or you do it because of other reasons: you can be passionated for food, you can see food as a perfect hiding place (like me), or you can be Italian and love food because your – our – country is considered as the best place where to eat. And this because of good reasons! We Italians have a lot of flaws, but let’s be realistic, we have to say that no one cook as we do!
Anyway, it doesn’t matter what is the cause, everytime we have to step on the balance we start to find a way to rig the results. It’s natural.

All that I’ve said till now is not connected to those girls who are already thin and who want to become thinner. It’s not related to those girls that you would see on a poster as models, but that look to themselves constantly saying that they have to lose weight – causing to all the curvy girls a hissy fit.
Now I wish to talk to all that girls and boys that look at the mirror, every morning, and check what is the part of their body that they love less. They look at themselves and think they are garbage just because they are not beautiful or handsome as movie stars – even if many times we perceive us uglier than we are. Actually, the real garbage is our culture, a culture in which the public and fisic image is everything.
With these words I do not mean I am one person who doesn’t look at the appearance of people. I am a normal person who look at herself and doesn’t like what she sees, a person who observes exterior appearance the first time she meet a person, but let me say something very, very important: appearance is just one superficial step in knowing people, but there is something more. The personality of a person can let you fall in love, as can do a smile, but you can’t hold what you see on the surface. Beauty disappears if you don’t benefit from surgery. Intelligence and personality last.

That said, I would like to tell that the matter is how to learn to live with yourself. To have extra pounds it’s ok, eating it’s ok, no exageration, of course. And not because you won’t be pretty, but because it could influence your health.

If, on the other hand, it’s loves that worries you, you have to understand that love comes anyway. It doesn’t stop, studying your appearance – but don’t search for it, it comes by itself, when you don’t expect it to happen.
And remind that what people think it is not important, because what really matter is what you think.

What I want is a world where persons can be what they want to be without being scared about it. Don’t be afraid, don’f feel guilty if you want to eat a cake. if you want to do it, just do it. The important is to choose what to eat or do next. Have a walk, admire the world, run to work off your frustration. These are all working solutions that are not useful just to lose your weight or to keep it under control. These are methods to make you see the world with different eyes, to open your eyes and make you look at  yourself under another point of view. You are not just flesh and bones, you are soul and heart, you are your brain, your memories and your feelings. Each of us is different in a thousand ways, but the important thing to remember is that even if you are not perfect, there is someone that loves you just the way you are, and if they love you it means that you are beautiful.

Beauty can’t be defined with weight, neither with body lines, the color of the eyes, the length of the hair or legs, or with the fineness of the nose. Beauty is defined by everyone’s taste and – as everyone knows – taste are different according to personality.
So, don’t let your weight defines you!

Anyway, if you are still afraid of dress rehearsal, then try a lot of water and vegetables, but most of all a lot of fresh air and training. Avoid elevators, closed places, computers. Buy a new pair of trainers and make it old. Discover new corner of your town or village, sites in which you’ve never been before.

I don’t want to seem like a spot right know, but why don’t kill two birds with one stone?

Discover the world (and yourself) and lose weight just to like yourself!



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