Together we can, we just need the Will

It’s seventeen day since 2017 started – you chose if they’re few or many – and it’s already an year full of adventures.

In few days I sent a CV to an enterprise, I applied for three poetry competititions, print my Master degree dissertation and, finally, I find out new internship opportunities abroad.
Amazing how many things can happen in a couple of days.

What I would like to say with this article is that, IF WE FIND THE WILL, WE CAN DO ANYTHING. We can count on endless opportunities: we are sons and daughters  of tomorrow, of the new era, of a world which could be extraordinary and egalitarian if we wanted it to be.
The reason why we still lack gender equality, the reason why we fear going out because “one never knows when his/her own time can come”, the reason why poorness and hunger are still destroying half of the globe is because those persons who have the power to change things have not the will to do it.

Let’s be serious: perfection may not be achievable but we can go close to it, and we can do it if you fight for what we hope.
We should do the best we can in our small way, we should be the better version of ourselves, because change can spread from a single, little, action.

Each of us can be the change, so a little bit of elbow grease and let’s start working together to make 2017 magnificent.




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