Price of Love

We spend a lot of time while dreaming about love and the perfect relationship, maybe because we are conditioned by movies, novels and songs. After all we all need a special person by our side, someone to tell all our secrets and to confess our fears.

I have someone by my side, that special person I trust and love with all myself, but sometimes we have our problems. We all have to face difficult events in our private life as in our professional one. The price of Love comes after some months or years, we don’t realize we have to pay in exchange for this feeling, but we do.
I remember Rumplestiltskin say that all magic comes with a price, but love works exactly in the same way.
So when we dream about love, we should be aware of its cost, because it can make us regret of what we chose. I don’t know yet if I regret, but I am grateful for the years spent together and I hope we will be able to get out of our debt and just keep love each other more than anyone else.

But please, do not misunderstand me; DO FALL IN LOVE, because it is worth it if the person is the right one.



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