Join my dream

My name is Giulia and  I am 25 years old, I am a story teller. I like to write about people; their weakeness, their strength and everything that makes them human beings.

I am Giulia, I am 25 and I don’t know anything about life, I have so much to learn, still. I do believe strongly in one thing, though. I believe that everyone has the right to wake up and go out one morning and take a walk, grab a coffee, hang out with friends. Go to concert, or the cinema or the stadium. The right to travel or just sit in a park, take the bus to go back home and reach home safe and sound, alive.
The right to live, a long life.
I know accidents can happen but human violence is not just an accident. It’s an inhuman, unjustified, unthinkable act against nature.

People have the right to live well too, the right to wake up knowing they can feed their children, that they can feed themselves. Knowing they can have water at their fingertips and soap and medical assistance if they need. And education. Situations of mistreatment and poverty are still present in this century that we call the future. Hidden situations because mass media are restrained from the ruling class exclusively loyal to money. We have been switching Gold and our deities first, violence and tolerance or love next.

So I now ask to all the killers and to those people who live at the expense of others, how can you sleep at night? How can you even breath? Don’t you feel an heavy weight over your chest?

I just want a world where everyone can be happy, where people can find what they need in their own country if they do not want to leave it. A world that lacks of wars, and hate, where people do not have to fight for life, freedom, food or respect. Where people can be weak and not judged for being authentic. And maybe I am asking for a unicorn, but I still believe we can build a better world. A good one, because we are stronger and we have so many opportunities to be together despite physical distance!

We are in a future which seems so much more like middle-age.

I don’t want people to go back, we must remember the past to improve our future and to avoid making the same mistakes.

I am Giulia and I am 25 years old and I just want to live happy and to make other people happy. Join me in my dream for your children, for your grandchildren, for those you love and for yourself but also for the persons whose life has been taken away for no reason.



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