Bastard lullaby

He said 

I am beautiful with my new hair

He said 

He loved more the sex with a redhead

I am an Amazon now

And he can’t resist me somehow

But hey, 

What can I say? 

I wanted his heart, 

But he tore mine apart.


Humanity, such a beauty

Yesterday, on the train back to home, with an extremely hot temperature and the smooth surface of the sea visible through the window, I fell in love, again, with humanity. It one of the very rare moment when I get back to hope in the future and in the human race.

There was this woman, imperfect, with some weight on, her casual outfit – a black t-shirt with Snoopy on, the makeup, her hair in a hairpin. She was travelling with her daughter, sit next to me, and she was reading until she fell asleep on the open book. In that moment I thought that she was the most beautiful creature in the world, so innocent, frail, human. Imperfection turning into splendour.

Maybe it is because my mom too falls asleep when she relax her brain (although not with a book as I do) because she is too tired or maybe because of some other reasons, but I saw in her beauty.

I felt the need to protect her. I can’t say why; it was as if my most sensitive self was born again, in the blink of an eye. I just wanted to tell her “It’s going to be fine, you’ll be ok”.

Humanity, such a beauty.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Experiences and relationships are useful. And negative experiences and relationships are even more essential than positive ones. The latter help us grow up, but they often influence us so much that we can’t recognise ourselves. They mould us and we get lost, we end up looking alike others.

Unsuccessful experiences, mistakes, difficult and dead-end relationships, instead, are much more educational, they are those that help us deeply understand who we want to be or, better, who we don’t want to become at all.

They make clear to us that we misjudged people or that there are persons with whom is impossible to get along. They underline who is not capable or does not want to establish a sane and respectful conversation.

Exchanges are very important, they are very useful and maybe for someone they are a sort of model – even if they insist on outdoing others with no respect for them. However, you must exchange as much as you can and live those situations so that you can comprehend how far you are ready to push yourself.


When you know where you want to land, what you want wo achieve, what is going to be your attitude and what you refuse to do, or the people you don’t want in your life because they don’t want to understand you nor make them understandable to you, then you just have to do one thing. Make a toast to them, to their honour, to your happiness, to life, to meetings, to bad days and success.

They are part of your progress, of your growth and they draw you closer to your identity.


Make a toast and be who you want, who you need to, who you are.


September rain

It took just one day of September, and here it comes the idea of a new beginning. The freshness of new adventures, of a new season to come.

The garden is wet because of the rain, a light rain. Little drops that sound soft and sweet like the ticking of a clock. And smell that familiar perfume, smell of home and hugs, of evenings spent in a bed that seems too big.

A veiled light, shrouded in a blanket of grey clouds, comes in through the window, and the net swings because of the wind, like the green leaves of the jasmine and the intrusive strings of grass that will be cut when the good weather comes back.

The bricks of the wall are darker and wetter, under this rain that washes away everything. It takes away my fatigue and my toughts, leaving just a vague sense of worry. A partial peace, as the wheater, as this monochrome and homogeneus sky where thunders hide, waking my sleeping fears.

Still, I remain here, in this living-room, hypnotized by this view. I remain here, shaken by chills where my skin is nude – unprotected by my cover. I keep thinking about the past, the future, about who I am – something I still need to understand. I feel like the changing sky, like the sea which has no beginning and no end. I can’t see neither my boundaries nor my pieces. I feel part of the world but banished from it.

Today, for the first time in my life, thunders don’t frighten me even if I am alone. Just for this time, it’s like they are here to help me remember how I can be strong despite my body.

Thanks, then.
Thank you rain.


A brand new day

A new day is a whole new world that can show us new chances to get a fresh start. This is the thought of the day: I woke up this morning with a big, wide, smile on my face, with a strong feeling that things would have been ok, maybe soon. I was thinking that morning is the best part of the day because it is a sort of mistery, we can imagine how our day would be but we have no certainty.

But our mood can change as suddently as weather up the cliffs.

Five minutes before you are thinking that the world seems so bright and that pessimism is the worst enemy of success. You have this deep knowledge of yourself, you feel calm and self-confident, you know that you must be realistic and look to the bright side of every situation if you want to avoid failure; the next moment you sink in the darkest shadows.
In any case, I don’t want to succumb to my fears and my negativity. I am twenty five and I have a Master’s Degree in Modern Languages, obtained with the hightest grade possible, but still looking for a job in a world where they want both youth and experience, as we can be all. But the truth is that you have to make a choice, sometimes and I chose my studies first of all and I dedicated all myself to get to the top.

This is why I don’t want to surrender. I want to keep hope and keep looking for a job that suits me and where I can grow as a person as well as a worker. A place where I can help and show how much I am worth.

Today, then, the slogan is: keep the faith and remember that every day can be THE ONE. The right one to change the world, your world or yourself, to improve, to be happy, to get success!

El verano se acerca, estás listo?

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